Ocean Industries

Oslo is a world-leading maritime capital. With maritime and offshore leading the way, the Oslo region boasts a powerful mix of industries doing business in, on, or by the sea, making it a true Ocean Industries Supercluster. During 2011, the Oslo region´s combined offshore and maritime industries took in around 200 billion NOK in revenues, and provided close to 50,000 jobs.


Specialised suppliers in the Oslo region claim a 73% global market share in subsea installation supply, more than doubling their revenues over the last decade. Oslo´s Subsea Valley cluster already consists of upwards of 220 members and is a world-leading technology and engineering environment for these industries. It includes both national and international businesses, delivering cross-industrial knowledge and technology for use in the subsea oil and gas industry, as well as increasingly being shared by all of Norway’s Ocean Industries: offshore, maritime and seafood.

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