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A host of coworking spaces are properly bedding down in Oslo, and are taking a step up by collaborating with each other as well as with property developers, city planners, local and national government and international partners.Oslo has performed extremely well in adapting to new working practices, which is important in the wider culture of entrepreneurship, startups and business growth. It helps stimulate and encourage further innovation, and makes the city region’s business environment even more attractive.

Some of the coworking spaces concentrate on specialist fields, such as 657 Oslo, the majority of whose members are working in creative industries and communication. The Start Up Lab in Oslo Science Park, near the University of Oslo, and Gründergarasjen at IT Fornebu, are more technology- and science-focused, while Gründernes Hus, MESH and Bitraf host a more across-the-board range of businesses, with the latter two featuring particularly significant, growing activity at their maker spaces.

One of the latest additions to the family is Oslo International Hub, initiated by Oslo International Club and offering a mix of separate offices and desks in open-plan areas. The main client base consists of international talents who have decided to set up businesses in Oslo.


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Spaces Co-working Spaces Tollbugata 8A - 0152 Oslo Coming August 2017
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House of Nerds Co-working Spaces Lørenveien 38 - Oslo Send email
StartupLab Co-working Spaces Gaustadallen 21 - 0349 Oslo Send email
Oslo International Hub Co-working Spaces Oscars gate 27 - Oslo Send email
Bitraf Co-working Spaces Youngs gate 6 - Oslo Send email
BI Co-working Space Co-working Spaces Nydalsveien 37 - 0484 Oslo Send email
657 co-working Co-working Spaces Fredensborgveien 24D - 0177 Oslo Send email
SoCentral Co-working Spaces Skippergata 22, 0102 Oslo Send email
MESH Co-working Spaces Tordenskioldsgate 3 - 0160 Oslo Send email
Avdeling Frysja Co-working Spaces Frysjaveien 42 - 0884 OSLO Send email

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