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Oslo Innovation Week (September 23-27, 2019) highlights solutions that solve real global challenges through entrepreneurship, technology and innovation. Oslo Innovation Week brings forward new voices and innovation in action. We believe in not only talking about change, but actually changing the world we live in. Oslo Innovation Week brings together the people with business solutions to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. We think the time to collaborate is now – and we need you!

Since 2005, Oslo Innovation Week has gathered startups, corporates, investors, innovation drivers, tech experts and creatives in the city centre of Oslo. 13,000 people joined us last year, 30% of them international. Oslo Innovation Week is a collaboration between public and private, startups and corporates, local and global companies. Together we organized an overwhelming 56 events in 2018. Visit www.oiw.no for last year’s program.

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Explorers and five main program tracks

We believe that the solutions towards a sustainable change are out there. We just need to find them. That’s why the theme for Oslo Innovation Week 2019 is Explorers. We’ll be highlighting both the founders and the investors, corporate and public sector leaders, and the heroes that are more hidden; the scienists, programmers and makers, who dare to take the path less traveled to find business solutions that will help build a better world.

Everyone is welcome to explore Oslo Innovation Week, and all the events facilitate for attendee participation. We encourage all event organizers to create events that involves and engages your attendee, to create more value to both them and you.

To help the attendees navigate the program, we’ve got five tracks to support the main theme.

Future of Work
Quality of Life
Entrepreneurship & Startup
Explore Oslo

How to be included in the OIW 2019 program?

The alliance between the event organizer and Oslo Innovation Week is pretty simple; we promote you, you promote us. Oslo Innovation Week is a collaboration.

Here are three steps on to apply:

  1. Learn the whys, hows and whens! To make sure the attendees and you get what you expect, we have aligned some common goals and criteria. You’ll find more info on what you get from us, what is required from the event organizers, how the application process works and what happens after. Click here to open presentation.
  2. Create your event! Set your goals, put together the event concept, speakers and moderators, venue and (international) co-organizers.
  3. Submit application before 11 April! That’s the Thursday before Easter. Please submit event details through the digital application form. Please email siw@oslobusinessregion.no to receive a link to the form. Read more in the Event Organizer & Partner Info Guide page 22 on what you need to submit. Please submit the completed form because we need all the information to give you a feedback. If you have all the info ready, the form should take about 30-40 minutes to fill in.

If you have any questions before, during or after you have submitted, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We are here to help.

Looking forward to collaborate!

– the Oslo Innovation Week team

Project manager, Siw Andersen siw@oslobusinessregion.no


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Posted on: February 26. 2019
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