Too Good To Go : The 2019 Oslo Innovation Award Winner

This year, the Oslo Innovation Award was presented to Too Good to Go during the opening ceremony of Oslo Innovation Week. Too Good To Go is a Danish company working to fight food waste by building a marketplace for unsold food. Their app has over 15 million users and the company has expanded to market presence in 13 countries since their launch in 2016. The results: more than 20 million meals have been saved. 

According to the jury, Too Good To Go had the best cumulative score across all categories of criteria. Most importantly, they stood out as a Nordic growth company working towards the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals, serving as an example for all other Nordic growth companies to follow. 

“We are truly honoured to be given this award, being acknowledged for our ability to execute our growth strategy while trying to solve a large environmental problem – food waste. Together with our partners and users, our ambition is to continue to grow our existing concept in our current markets, rapidly enter new markets and finding more solutions to fight food waste. We see that both people and businesses are more than willing to make sustainable choices, when made convenient, fun and easy!” – Country Manager of Too Good To Go, Ann-Kristin Raknes Pfründer. 

Criteria for the Oslo Innovation Award

Businessworthiness. Demonstrate ethical and socially responsibility while being environmentally and economically sustainable. They must solve problems and create value for the business and society.

Maturity. Professional conduct in every aspect of their business operation.

Proof of concept. They must show real innovation and a proven track record.

Scalability. The ability to grow fast and rapidly expand into international markets.

Impact. Developed exponential technology, research-based insight or unique business models with influence to change

UN Sustainable Development Goals. Working towards solving at least one of the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Nordic, investor ready. Candidates are typically series A or B level.

Jury members 2019 

Per L. Saxegaard // Jury lead, Business For Peace

Andreas Thorsheim // CEO, Otovo, 2018 winner

Tanya Marvin-Horowitz // Butterfly Ventures

Claes Mikko-Nilsen // NordicNinja VC

Tine Thygesen // The Creators Community


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Posted on: October 10. 2019