The Oslo Region Brand Management Strategy

This strategy is an invitation to you, a key Oslo leader or citizen, to join a collective effort to get the Oslo Region the international attention and recognition it needs and deserves.

Oslo is not yet well known by the world. As the global competition between cities intensifi es, we risk being left behind. We need to respond. The good news is that we have a lot to o er the world. Oslo can be globally competitive, and it is already attractive and full of opportunity.

This place brand management strategy is about building our identity and finding our own voice; deliberately developing and demonstrating Oslo´s values through appropriate and aligned actions. Such actions include investments in our image, identity and reputation (for example storytelling and media representation) and in our reality (for example infrastructure, services, and events). We want our collective e orts to be ’on-brand’ so that we become more visible and better appreciated.

The first issue that might come to mind, is the “what’s in it for me?”. We want this place brand management strategy to give you a framework that helps your activities and stories to get sharper and ’on brand’. It provides a model of common purpose where you can find the level of interaction that suits you, as well as a clear picture of what will be done, both in the short- and long-term.

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Posted on: April 17. 2015