The Norwegian startup community opens up about consequences of COVID-19

The global Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is producing economic, political, and social disruptions. Oslo Business Region is working to understand the problems faced by local businesses as a result of the disease outbreak. 

On Monday March 16th, we asked the startup community in Norway to fill out a short questionnaire in order to hear the challenges they face and shape our immediate response.

In less than 24 hours, we gathered 143 responses. These are our findings.

Based on the survey response, we uncovered and confirmed several challenges companies now face due to COVID-19, most of which are linked to liquidity issues such as customers stopping deals, investors losing confidence and general productivity loss.

What do you think would help your company the most right now?

In order to stop our community of startups and growth companies from bleeding out, most of the respondents call for clear guidelines from authorities as well as funding to cover employee salaries and office rent to keep their companies a float. Others call for postponement of employer tax, MVA, as well as coverage of salary for employees that will be laid off.

Others are calling for public companies and private businesses to not halt their deals with startups and keep supporting the smaller players. Read the survey results here.


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Posted on: March 20. 2020
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