Need to know about study in Oslo

Fees and funding

Public universities and university colleges have no tuition fees other than a small registration fee and administration fee each term. Generally you have to be a Norwegian citizen to receive financial support from the Norwegian Educational Loan Fund (Lånekassen). Foreign citizen students with legal residence in Norway may be entitled to financial support if you meet certain requirements.

Can you get financial support?

Entry requirements

Requirements for applicants with a foreign education are specified in a list called GSU, containing information on basic education which qualifies for admission to universities and university colleges in Norway.

GSU list

Student visa and residence permit

A student permit is required for those who study in Norway more than three months. Most students don’t need require a permit if they’re studying in Norway for less than three months. If you come from a country outside the EU/EEA you have to apply for a residence permit for studies – before you enter Norway. Students from the EU or EEA do not need a residence permit but have to register with the police.

Apply for a student permit
Apply for student residence permit
Register with the police