Why startup in Oslo

Tech poeple

Oslo is tech savvy and collaborative. Come grow your ideas here!

Hothouse of entrepreneurship

Already in 2013, The Economist stated that the Nordic region is becoming a hothouse of entrepreneurship. 15.000 new companies are born every year in Oslo, and there is room for plenty more. Collaboration is our way of competing, and we see various co-working and innovation hubs popping up all over, with Mesh, 657 Oslo, Startup Lab, MashUP, Bitraf, House of Nerds and more taking the lead.

Innovative Oslo born companies

An army of new innovative Oslo born companies are about to take over the world. Xeneta is changing the global container freight business model, Kahoot is changing class learning and education forever, WeVideo is moving video editing up in the clouds, Nimber, the “Airbnb for sending stuff” has launched in the UK and Unacast is changing the global ad industry by merging online and offline behavior.


Oslo is collaborating with Austin (Texas) and Hackney (London) through Creative Cities Alliances, and we can give your ideas global launch pads. Who knows where your startup may end up?

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