Finance your Company

Industrial investors/Companies

Teaming up with a larger industrial company can help your idea reach the market easier, better and more efficient.

Bank loan

A bank loan can be just the right thing, if you can control the risk.

Danske Bank

Other public financing

There are other public funding schemes, often related to the field you’re operating in. Always think: Who’s benefiting from you succeeding with your startup?

Altinn – Overview of Support Schemes
City of Oslo, Cultural Affairs – Norwegian pages


Businesses and enterprises that are subject to taxation in Norway are eligible to apply for a tax deduction of up to 20 per cent of their R&D project costs.

The Research Council of Norway

Etablerertilskudd from Innovation Norway

Do you have a unique idea with international potential? Then you can apply for etablerertilskudd from Innovation Norway. You can meet and talk with Innovation Norway at the monthly Startup Day.

Innovation Norway – Norwegian pages


Why don’t collect a crowd to finance your idea? Remember that you will have to sell it to them!

Funded By Me
Mums Mean Business:
Crowdfunding for mumpreneurs

Professional private investors/Business angels

They are often hard to find and are often investing based on knowledge of the field they invest in (maybe coming from your position years ago).

Getting Started With Angel Investing

Seed funds/Venture capital funds

Is your idea ready to be scaled up? Go for those big bucks!

The Norwegian Venture Capital & Private Equity Association
Alliance Venture

”FFF” (Friends, Fools and Family)

For most startups, the people closest to us are often the best source of financing. Just make sure they are aware of the risks involved!

Contact your family and friends
Find fools


The easiest way to finance an idea, is of course to do it yourself. But before you put your own (or anyone else’s) money into your idea, make sure you have planned it well. Here are some websites that can put you on the right track.

Altinn – Before start-up
Innovation Norway – Lean Startup (in Norwegian)
How to Turn a Worthless Business Idea into a Million-Dollar Startup