Skift Norge and Oslo Business Region to Collaborate: Oslo European Green Capital Industry Challenge

The ability to create shared value is an important part of the Oslo European Green Capital Business Program. Throughout the European Green Capital year, Oslo Business Region has built lasting alliances with companies, organizations and individuals all creating or seeking to create a positive impact on Oslo’s 2030 emission targets.

 This Autumn, Oslo Business Region and Skift Norge, a climate initiative led by business, have joined forces. Our collaboration will focus on mobilizing further companies to take on the Oslo European Green Capital sustainable financechallenge beyond 2019. At the beginning of the European Green Capital year, we devised four industry challenges related to reducing the business community’s CO2 emissions.

To date, the sustainable finance challenge has been one of the more difficult of the industry challenges for companies to engage in. The challenge – To request and work towards pulling company pensions and financial policies away from oil, coal and gas – seeks to accelerate the transformation of the world’s energy systems from black to green. In joining forces with Skift Norge, Oslo Business Region will continue to raise the profile of the sustainable finance challenge.

Oslo Business Region endeavours to support the business community during this green transition and aim to host a number of events and roundtable discussions that will address the benefits and opportunities available in divesting from oil, coal and gas. Vital to this discussion is the need to address existing barriers faced by companies in making this transition. The transition towards a greener, more sustainable finance sector is a complex challenge – a challenge that requires collaborative action. In acting together, Shift Norge and Oslo Business Region establish a powerful partnership.

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Posted on: November 1. 2019
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