SATS and OBR award design students for plastic waste competition

SATS, the largest fitness chain in the Nordic countries, has taken on the Oslo European Green Capital Plastic Challenge in 2019. The plastic challenge was created specifically by Oslo Business Region to increase awareness about sustainable opportunities available to the business sector in Oslo.

Dubbed “The Blue Shoe Cover Challenge,” SATS launched a competition for students at Høyskolen Kristiania who are taking their Bachelor’s  in Service Design. The competition was about finding a new, more environmentally friendly solution to replace the blue shoe plastic covers at SATS fitness centers.

Two groups won the competition. Daniel Nilsen, Maria Lund Austad and Tobias Mangersnes presented a doormat project in the entrance of the gym signed “TRAMP, TØRK, TREN”, written in the traffic lights colours to affect user behavior and stimulate the users to voluntarily give up the plastic covers.

Nicolai Holm, Juni Herdal, Kaia Feinberg and Cornelius Schmidt presented “The nudge”, which the main idea is the motivation of taking off the shoe, backup with a rewarding, inspirational feedback, using the app that SATS already have.

“The groups presented valuable insight and came up with innovative solutions to the challenge, and SATS is now developing both ideas further, aiming on implementing some of them throughout the year.” , explained Anniken Mørch Fischer, Nordic Training & Development Manager at SATS. The winners of the competition received a free SATS membership for a year plus a monetary stipend for their efforts.

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Posted on: February 7. 2020