Recap: Oslo Startup Day: Opportunities in green energy

It was jam-packed at PierX on Wednesday, May 9th as Oslo Startup Day: Opportunities In Green Energy took place.

Event partners Statoil and Techstars shared information about their joint venture in the energy space – the Energy Accelerator. Jens Festervoll from Statoil highlighted Statoil’s obvious strengths in the energy space and their eagerness to invest in new and green energy solutions. Audun Abelsnes from Techstars shared information and lessons learned from running an accelerator with some of the most significant global corporate partners.

After a q&a-session with the accelerator partners, it was time for OREECs Mali Hole Skogen and her talk, tongue-in-cheek named “How Oil Can Save The World” Skogen pointed to the high number of incredibly qualified engineers that were let go in the oil and gas sector during the last downturn in the industry, consequently fueling a wave of competency into the startup ecosystem.
Finally, Morten Jørgensen from Arundo shared their story about growing a scale-up in the energy sector. Arundo is one of the fastest growing companies in Norway, and as the OREEC numbers showed us, we need many more like them to succeed.


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Posted on: May 9. 2018