Recap: Oslo Startup Day: Startup Community Meet Newcomers

On Valentine’s day Oslo’s startup community greeted newcomers with refugee backgrounds in an effort to create a meeting place where they are able to meet startups and other companies in need of fresh talent.

Many newcomers with refugee backgrounds come to Norway with higher education, experience, good ideas, initiatives, and perspectives which can be relevant for the Norwegian startup community.

In opening the event at Oslo Science Park, the minister of Education and Integration, Jan Tore Sanner, said that it is a waste not to utilize the resources and skills the newcomers hold.

So, what is the problem? The organizers believes that a lack of professional

network is a central issue, making it hard for newcomers to find relevant jobs. They therefore wished to create a meeting place where the newcomers have the chance to build their networks, and for the startup community and the rest of the business community to realize the immense resources and skills they are missing out on.

Inclusion is good for society and diversity is good for business!

This event was powered by SoCentral, Aleap, StartupLab, In:Progress, Forskningsparken- Oslo Science Park, and Oslo Business Region.

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Posted on: February 27. 2018
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