Recap: Real Estate track at Urban Future Global Conference

Last Thursday, on May 23rd, Oslo Business Region hosted a track on Real Estate in tandem with the Urban Future Global Conference at DOGA. This event was moderated by Birgit Liodden, Director of Sustainability & Ocean Initiatives at Oslo Business Region.

During this brief session, three presentations covering challenges within the real estate sector were highlighted. The program was held in a table-setting format and problem-solvers from Oslo, Vancouver, and Amsterdam were able to freely discuss and engage with the audience. Topics include emissions free buildings, and reinventing cities.  

The Vice Mayor for Business Development and Public Ownership, Marthe Scharning Lund, kicked off the event with a short overview about the strengths Oslo showcases as a developing city. She emphasized the importance of balancing the climate budget and likened its importance to financial budgets that the city puts forth. According to Lund, Oslo has the “motivation, stamina, and high standard goals” to be leading with green and meeting the proposed climate budget. Moreover, Oslo is able to create more employment opportunities through this commitment. In addition to hearing about Oslo’s rise to the climate budget, both representatives from Vancouver and Rotterdam outlined how their cities are working towards greener solutions with a problem solver approach.

Following, the audience  was able to hear from a variety of leading industry experts such as Arne Folkestad Bjelland, from Spacemaker and Matthew Dalziel, of Oslo Architecture Triennale. Bjelland expanded upon the notion that the construction sector needs to begin prioritzing recycling materials as a means of reducing its carbon footprint. In Norway, 29% of waste comes directly from the construction sector while it accounts for 40% globally. Bjelland  also places a high level of responsibility on the business sector as he believes that “Progress in business often goes at a faster rate than government initiatives.” Dalziel laid out the differences between degrowth and green growth. “We don’t need to quit the concept,” he stated, “but we need to learn how to build differently.”

About Green Stories: Oslo Business Region is leading the business program during Oslo European Green Capital (EGC). The European Commission awarded Oslo the prestigious European Green Capital title for 2019. Being the European Green Capital in 2019 is a great recognition and an opportunity to showcase Oslo as a truly Green City linked to innovation, both in the international context and to Oslo’s population.  In 2019 we will invite the world to Oslo – to share and to learn. Read more about EGC here and about the Industry Challenges here.

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Posted on: May 29. 2019
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