Recap: Oslo Startup Day: Stop Dreaming – Start Building

Stop Dreaming – Start Building. It’s what you should do when you’re bored at your current job but know you can do better, and it was the topic of our Oslo Startup Day on October 25th.


Together with partners Antler and Epicenter Oslo we invited curious first-time founders, experienced entrepreneurs, corporate advisors and fresh-faced students to join us for an event about getting it done and taking the first step towards building your own startup. We heard from four founders who had gone the route from corporate job with lots of resources at hand and insight into deep problems, into building their startups with all the risks that comes with the choices.

The speakers:


Karl Alveng Munthe-Kaas
Co-Founder and CEO of, the online retail store disrupting how Norwegians shop groceries. The company is valued at 2.24 billion NOK and reaches more than 30% of the Norwegian population.

Karoline Sjødal Olsen
Founder and CEO of Blue Lice. The company provides a solution to prevent sea lice – one of the biggest challenges for the +60 billion NOK salmon industry.

Fredrik Næss Thomassen
Founder and CEO of Konsus, the fastest growing online solution helping companies outsource creative tasks to a high qualified on demand workforce. Fredrik is one of the few Norwegians to have graduated the Y Combinator program, and has formerly co-founded Startupmatcher.

Kristina Tuhus
Co-Founder of NYBY, turning todays offering of public services upside down. NYBY is a peer-to-peer platform for public services, communities and neighborhoods, currently piloting the service in collaboration with 3 Norwegian municipalities and multiple stakeholders.




The participant survey results:


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Posted on: October 30. 2018
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