Recap: Oslo Scaleup Day – Meet The Investors

Pakkhuset Oslo was packed on May 3rd for Oslo Scaleup Day – Meet The Investors. This was a day of firsts:

  • Oslo Scaleup Day format building on the tried-and-tested Oslo Startup Day design
  • Meet The Investors as a new reverse pitching platform
  • Pakkhuset Oslo as a new venue for the Oslo startup ecosystem

Our goal is to connect growth minded startups with entrepreneurs, investors, partners and other relevant participants, functioning as a valuable meeting place for the Oslo scaleup ecosystem. For this edition we wanted to present some key investors in the Oslo business community, what they offer for startups, how they work and how entrepreneurs should approach them.

Attendants heard perspectives from byFounders, Alliance Venture, SNÖ, Smedvig Capital and Concentric on how to work with them. In addition, DNB Oppstartslosen and Innovation Norway were represented as usual with startups helpers busy helping entrepreneurs.

Some quotes from the event:

“Oslo is the emerging hub for hand-picking tech companies” – Kjartan Rist, Concentric

“A key to achieving success here is being flexible with investments while scouting only exceptional teams” – Peter Duffy, Smedvig

“We are looking for exceptional, ambitious and experts team. Differentiated business with satisfied customers” – Teodor Bjerrang, SNÖ

“They say all the magic is in Silicon Valley, but a lot of magic is in Europe. A lot of magic is happening in the Nordics”.
“Transformative tech can only be made possible by passionate founders with global ambitions.”,  both by Eric Lagier, ByFounders

Photos credits: Jan Khur

Results from the survey showed that this was time well spent for most attendees – an average score of 4,5 out of 5 is very strong

Oslo Scaleup Day: Meet The Investors attendee survey

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Posted on: May 6. 2019
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