Recap: Oslo Innovation Week 2019 Partner Meeting

In the spirit of dugnad, we invited all of our partners and previous event organizers for an interactive meeting about their ideas for Oslo Innovation Week 2019. The meeting was for all the current and future event organizers and the startup organizations/incubators.

The goal was to give everyone an idea of what others are planning or looking for and, as a community, create powercouples that will help each partner realise their goals and help make Oslo Innovation Week the best one yet.

But how do you actually build a community? And how do you utilize its full potential? We invited community leaders from across Oslo to share their insights and share tools to benefit our partners events, business or organization.

First, we heard from Marie Harbo Dahle, leader of the incubator SoCentral, on how they work to bridge the gap between entrepreneurship and sustainability to build “communities that can save the world”.

We also heard from Runar Skjerven Eggesvik, from Trøbbelskyter. He shared his experiences starting and running some of Oslo´s  most important culture events and venues, such as Kulturhuset, Øyafestivalens, Mono, Internasjonalen and Oslo Camping – to name a few.

We finished off the first part of the event with a panel discussion between Hege Tollerud, from Edtech Cluster and Trude Myrvang Paaske, from DNB. They shared different perspectives on how you can build community and business through events.

After lunch, our partners had a chance to share their ideas and what they are looking for in their event planning for Oslo Innovation Week 2019. This created a platform where the partners could get a feel of what others are planning, give feedback to their ideas, but also to connect and see opportunities for collaboration. No one had to have a fully developed concept, but it was an opportunity to learn what others are doing and maybe join in as a co-organizer, speaker, sponsor, or communication partner.


83% said they met new, useful contacts.

91% said they got new, useful ideas.

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Posted on: January 9. 2019