Recap: OIW Event Organizer Kick-off 20 March 2018

On 20 March we gathered 400 front runners in tech and startup to kick-off Oslo Innovation Week 2018. To inspire future event organizers and attendees, to give valuable insight and tools to the community, and facilitate for networking amongst the event organizers.

Oslo Innovation Week positions Norway, and Oslo, as the capital region for sustainABLE entrepreneurship, technology and innovation. Last year 11000 entrepreneurs and innovation leaders attended over 50 events organised by 150 organizations, startups and accelerators.

We invited new and previous event organizers to kick-off Oslo Innovation Week 2018 at Røverstaden. Some call it exponential organising, we call it dugnad.

At the event the attendees could learn about the conceptual framework, surprising news and topics for Oslo Innovation Week 2018. We had talks on Oslo as a sustainable growth engine by the city of Oslo, on what it takes to go from start-ups to scale-ups by Torger Reve, and the lates tech trends by Silvija Seres. And 8 event organizers pitched their event for feedback and involvement.

Feedback from the attendees: 

Overall how would you rate this event: 4.0

90% got useful ideas

53% got useful contacts

We should facilitate for better networking for the next organizer event.

Oslo Innovation Week 2018, 24-28 September

The Memo listed Oslo Innovation Week on the top 25 tech events in the world to go to in 2018. 

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Posted on: April 25. 2018
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