Recap: Nordic Tech Week in Berlin, 29-30 October

Connecting the Nordic tech scene with German counterparts

Germany is the largest and fastest growing economy in Europe. Germany has fallen in love with something Nordic and we believe that this connection still has many opportunities. The purpose of Nordic Tech Week in Berlin was to bridge the Nordic tech scene to German investors, companies, the public sector, and the political environment further and to facilitate new sustainable relations.

Nordic Tech Week in Berlin was a 2-day conference hosted at the Nordic Embassies. It featured startups, companies and organizations that promoted solutions relevant to the German market. The event was organized as a collaboration between ICT Norway, IT och Telekomföretagen (SE) and IT-Branchen (DK), with funding from Nordic Innovation, and Oslo Business Region supported with international visibility towards press and in social media. In addition, Siw Andersen was the moderator of the event.

New tech week in 2019

Many days ahead of the event, Nordic Tech Week was sold, which is a good sign that Norwegian solutions are of great interest. There were a few Nordic and 1-3 German journalists present. The event got featured in articles on and BusinessPortal Norwegen.

The main partners will evaluate overall results and interest, but it is most likely to organize again in 2019.

Key learnings

Nordic Tech Week in Berlin in itself was successful, however Oslo Business Region’s intention was to use the platform to invite press, investors and other relevant companies to Oslo Innovation Week 2018. Nordic Tech Week was supposed to be hosted in May, but it was postponed until after OIW 2018. For that reason followed the result that we could not meet the intentions and goals – to have 3-4 German journalists attending. We didn’t have the resources to work on the event and had to scale down our efforts. There was interest from media like Der Spiegel and Junge Gründe, but the invitation was received too late. In addition, it was too early to do a huge marketing campaign on OIW 2019.

Oslo Business Region’s contribution in 2019 will be evaluated and a decision will be made based on the overall agenda, timing and own resources, however Germany is considered to be one of our main partnering countries for 2019.

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Posted on: November 1. 2018