Recap: Future of mobility

 On October 30th Startup Grind Oslo hosted the event the future of Mobility at MESH in Todenskioldsgate. Immersed and engaged in the smart city scene as we are, Oslo Business Region and Silje, our smart city general, contributed to the event and gave a small notice. Ok, so whats moving in the mobility scene in Oslo? At Startup Grind, the Future of Mobility,  four amazing startups,, who are on their mission of making Oslo a smarter city took to the stage.

Undoubtedly, there are still a lot of inefficiencies in the mobility sector and a lot can be achieved with the development and implementation of smarter solutions. We for example know that most commuters have empty seats in the car – such a waste! The startup SammeVei wants to utilize these empty seats throught their ridesharing app. Good for the environment, less que – good for you! Oslo is also booking with electrical vehicles, being the EV capital of the world. Alas, charging options around the city are still limited. Fortunately, Meshcrafts’ technology is now enabling anyone and everyone to become a charging point operator and help solve the need for more ev charging points. Freight business is by far not the most tech-savvy – at least not yet- but Zendera is one of the challengers wanting to change the game with their logistic solution. Tøyen-based Startup HAYK is committed to makeing electric vehicles even more available, by developing a sharing platform distributed throughout condo complexes in boroughs throughout Oslo.

With this mix of fresh and exciting mobility disrupters, the discussion moved from the future of tech majors, self-driving cars and buses, the ethics behind programming them to democratization of electric markets, environmental standards and charging infrastructure.

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Posted on: November 5. 2017