Recap: Fremtidens Kommuner – Hovinbyen

On Monday 19 March, we joined our friends at Pådriv at “Fremtidens kommuner” in a workshop about Hovinbyen, one of the most important development areas in Oslo when we speak about smart city development initiatives. The topic for the gathering was sustainable local societies – from intention to action, and the UN sustainability goals were used to underpin the topic. During the workshop four area specific projects were given the opportunity to work with a defined challenge, and the methods used will be brought to the Future Municipalities conference in Arendal in June.



The challenge we spent the day exploring was:

How can we motivate people and businesses to use Hovinbyen as a test- and demonstration arena for development of sustainable cities?

Summarized, we created the start what will become a roadmap for important initiatives that will lift Hovinbyen. Here are some of the visions we worked out:

Hovinbyen in 2030 will be: 

  • A testbed for sustainability in practice
  • Filled with entrepreneurs and test projects
  • An arena that attracts international visitors and study groups
  • A borough filled with a diversity of urban life
  • A place everyone in Oslo knows about
  • A producing area

In addition we ideated a set of action points and solutions as to how we can reach these visions, amongst others we suggested redesigning Oslo Business Regions accelerator program as a tool for spurring entrepreneurship and innovation into Hovinbyen. We look forward to continue our contribution to making Hovinbyen a sustainable and smart part of our favourite city!

You can read more about Fremtidens Kommuner here:

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Posted on: March 23. 2018