Recap: EGC at Grønne investeringmuligheter

Wednesday, 10 April, was a busy and exciting day for talking about green business opportunities in Oslo. Early in the morning, SustainableInsight, Nordic Impact, SEB, DNB Miljøinvest and Oslo Business Region took the stage to present opportunities in green investments at FolkOslo. The program, “Grønne investeringmuligheter,” was a breakfast seminar exploring how we, as private individuals, can take part in investing in green solutions both on and off the stock exchange.

The program began with Susanne Gløersen, Founder of SustainableInsight, and leader of The Sustainable Opportunity Initiative, who introduced the paradigm shift- giving examples of green investment opportunities today. Following, Jon Sigurdsen, Portfolio manager at DNB Miljøinvest, highlighted the optimistic statistics and cases in green investments within mutual funds. Furthermore, these positive numbers in bond funds were emphasized during Marianne Gut’s presentation. Gut is the Portfolio manager for SEB Green Bond Fund & Ben Powell and Head of Climate & Sustainable Finance Norway, SEB Norway.

Cilia Holmes Indahl, CEO of Nordic Impact, spoke about green investments in start-ups with success stories from the Oslo startup community. To wrap up the seminar, Marianna Wachelke, Project Coordinator of the European Green Capital Business Program at Oslo Business Region, gave a quick introduction on Oslo as a global green testbed and how businesses can be a part of the green solutions within the digital shift.

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Posted on: April 10. 2019