Recap: Chewing Gum

Oslo is a city full of talented entrepreneurs, and Chewing Gum has a goal of bringing the established business world and the innovative young entrepreneurs together to share ideas and solve problems. How? By hosting a live gameshow where the young entrepreneurs work on real problems provided by the big businesses.

January 10th marked the first ever Chewing Gum live gameshow, and had the theme “Rock Solid meets Digital Natives”. Oslo Innovation Week/Oslo Business Region was the partner of the pilot event, and the teams were challenged to “create a concept for a physical platform where entrepreneurs and established business can meet”.

The event gathered 120 audience members, and resulted in four new solutions, as well as a connection between the established and the young, innovative minds of Oslo. The audience reported that they loved the gameshow format, and met several potential collaborators.

With the pilot being a success, Chewing Gum will develop and improve, and continue to bring the different parts of the startup and innovation ecosystem in Oslo together.

On that note: The next Chewing Gum is at Oslo House of Innovation on February 7th, find more information and sign up HERE.

Photo: Well Behaved Daily and Vilde Media

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Posted on: January 23. 2017
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