Peter Stangeland: Oslo European Green Capital Ambassador

Meet Peter Stangeland, VP of Sales at DB Schenker. Stangeland has a strong track record of working with international logistics throughout his career. Outside of the office, he devotes his time to family, friends and hobbies such as diving and mountain biking. DB Schenker is one of the many companies signed up to our Oslo European Green Capital Transportation Challenge – actively requesting and working for emission free commercial transportation of goods and services, which Stangeland believes will be of influence to other large companies in the Oslo area. Below are some highlights of this Oslo European Green Capital Ambassador and his motivation behind supporting sustainable business initiatives.

What motivates you to help make Oslo more sustainable?

My motivation to take part of Oslo being more environmentally sustainable is to give my child and future grandchildren a better place to grow up.

How are you contributing to making Oslo a greener city?

At DB Schenker, we are creating Europes biggest emission free distribution center in Oslo. So, you could say I am contributing to this initiative mainly through my career.

What obstacles do you face while working for a greener Oslo?

The biggest obstacles we face while working for a greener Oslo are to find cost efficient solutions that customers are willing to pay for.

What are your personal climate goals for 2019?

My personal climate goals for 2019 are to reduce waste and to utilise public transportation more.

Name a role model that inspires you, locally and globally:
Gunhild Stordalen and Richard Branson.

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Posted on: November 5. 2019
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