OsloMet and Simula launches Gründergarasjen

Oslo’s startup ecosystem is in full bloom, and to make the entrepreneurial spring in Oslo an even more blossoming experience, a new hub for startups just came to life on the 25th of April.  We hereby congratulate OsloMet and Simula on their launch of Gründergarasjen. Welcome to the Oslo startup family!


Rector of OsloMet, Curt Rice, has ambitions for the new startup hub in Pilestredet 52. “Gründergarasjen is going to contribute to creating a culture of value creation, and provide entrepreneurs and founders with the tools they need to succeed”, says Curt. “OsloMet seeks to take a clearer position. We want to be an initiator for innovation and entrepreneurship in academia.”

Curt Rice and Christian Bjerke ringing the bell at Gründergarasjen @ OsloMet. Photo credit: Simula/Bård Gudim.

Brings researchers, students and founders together – perhaps to build a smarter city?

Rumour has it that there just might be an extra focus on urban solutions and smart city in the new startup hub. We’re looking forward to following the founders! The new startup-spot at OsloMet is led by Christian Hemmestad Bjerke, known to many as initiator and director at the Simula Garage. “The new incubator will bring students, researchers and founders together. In this way they will contribute to solving central challenges, and help us spawn more successful technology ventures from our environment”, says Christian. Ambitious founders get the opportunity to work from a community workspace, and the garage will serve as a center of competencies for startup, commercializing and technology development. Gründergarasjen will provide hands on mentoring, guidance connected to legal questions, intellectual property rights, business development, financing application and pitch training.

On that note, one might think that Gründergarasjen is exclusively for students and researchers within OsloMet. But not so. Gründergarasjen sets out to be an inspiring and supportive community for OsloMet entrepreneurs who wants to develop successful solutions – and also opening up and welcoming the entrepreneurial community in Oslo. All aspiring entrepreneurs with a knack for technology, whether at idea stage or with a team, all are welcome to apply to become member of Gründergarasjen. Once accepted, you are taken in and introduced to a place where you get assistance to grow and develop your idea from scratch to a sustainable business. You can stay for a duration of up to 12 months, and best of all: It’s completely free! (<3)  

Gründergarasjen @ OsloMet. Photo credit: Simula/Bård Gudim.

We warmly welcome this new startup hub in central Oslo to the stage and wish Gründergarasjen the best of luck with contributing to putting Oslo on the global startup map!

Wondering what’s inside?

Here are some of the startups already at Gründergarasjen:

Do you have questions about Gründergarasjen? Get in touch with Christian Bjerke, or apply directly!
You can read more about the new city university OsloMet here.


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Posted on: May 23. 2018
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