Oslo: State of the city 2016

Cities all over the world are competing to for the talent, visitors, investors and attention.
We love Oslo, but how are we really doing as a city?

On May 9th the Oslo: State of the City report was launched at Sentralen. Geir Lippestad -Vice Mayor for Business Development and Public Ownership, Fredrik Winther – CEO of Oslo Business Region, and Marit Høvik Hartmann – PR/Communications Manager at Oslo Business Region all presented highlights and key facts from the report.

The short version? Oslo is a young, dynamic and compact city with lots of potential. The big problem is communication – the world knows nothing about Oslo, and our qualities are under communicated. The report also shows a lot of room for improvement when it comes to hospitality and friendliness.

Skjermbilde 2016-05-10 kl. 13.10.02

Want to know more? Click the report below to get the full story:

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Posted on: May 10. 2016
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