Recap: “Oslo Startup Day: Meet the Nordic Front Runners”

When: Monday February 27th – 12:00 – 18:00
Where: Skippergata 22 – 0154 Oslo (view map)

“Food is the new internet, only bigger” 
– Kimbal Musk

The global food industry is in the midst of the biggest transformation in decades and future business opportunities lie in the intersection between sustainability, technology and food. The Nordic countries are leading within technology and sustainability, but how can we utilise the know how across different industries and disciplines to create scalable business models within the food sector?

Oslo Business Region has joined forces with leading entrepreneurs to put scalable business models, sustainability and digital technology on the agenda. We have asked Nordic front runners to share best practice and call investors, tech savvys, business geeks, food experts, thinkers, doers and makers with an interest in being part of the change, to join us for a day of talks, discussions and actions.


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31T (BIT) – Cracking gastronomy / & Another New Design Studio, Sweden
3 bits in 1 bite and tell! Interactive eating experience resulting in powerful data that reworks food.

Agenda kick off! / Oslo Business Region & partners, Norway
Putting sustainable food, scalable business models and digital technology on the agenda.

Sustainability – The Nordic Way / Elisabet Skylare, Nordic Council of Ministers
Elisabet Skylare from the Nordic Council of Ministers will make the first official presentation of the council’s new program “Sustainability – The Nordic Way”.

Biodiversity & agriculture – can it be combined? / Thomas Bøhn, GenØk – Centre for Biosafety
Thomas Bøhn will provide a birds-eye-view on how agriculture and food production is developing globally. In general, we build on the industrial model that adapts nature to our technologies with two main aims: quantity and low costs. This implies (i) large machines, (ii) high external input (fossil fuels, pesticides), (iii) homogenization and mono-cropping. What we are losing is (i) genetic diversity (at several levels), (ii) environmental integrity, (iii) contact with farmers, farms, soils, cultural traditions, and a diverse diet.
Are we able to improve a system we have lost contact with? We need to embrace and enhance the diversity/complexity of natural systems, and work more with local solutions. Agroecology is an inspiring scientific approach to use ecological knowledge for sustainable and healthy food production, with a specific aim to increase the resilience (a systems ability to return to a dynamic equilibrium after shock) of our total food system. The food system is at a cross-road. Where do we go from here?

Scaling a digital business based on ecology / Jacob Hasseriis Dietz, Aarstiderne, Denmark 
Aarstiderne has been delivering season based organic food to private homes since 1999, and have been pioneers in the Danish market focusing on transparency and ecology. Surfing on the right trends and movements in society has brought them enormous success in scaling their business.


Digital technology and sustainable food as company core / Hafdís Sunna, Foodmrkt, Norway
Food is moving from quantitative dimension to qualitative dimension but there is no infrastructure that supports this change. Foodmrkt is a start up company working on building this infrastructure with scalable digital platform and sustainable food as part of the core business model.

Co-creating for scaling
Co-creation session for food entrepreneurs, investors, tech savvys, business geeks, food experts, thinkers, doers and makers. Food entrepreneurs pitch their company in two minutes and we invite everyone for co-scaling discussions afterwards.

After work
If you can’t make it for the program during the day, please join us for a drink afterwards.

At every StartUp Day you can also meet advisors from Innovation Norway and DNB Oppstartslos to help you solve the problems you’re working on right now.


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Posted on: February 21. 2017
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