Recap Oslo Poster Fest – 1-3 March during by:Larm

Oslo Poster Fest was a 3 day sales exhibition 1-3 march, during by:Larm at Doga, where we celebrated and showcased Oslo designers and music. We were inspired by the American Flatstock concept and added some elements. 
«Oslo Poster Fest visualized the artists who create visual connections to music and events. (…) But the poster remains an underestimated art expression. This is what Oslo Poster Fest want to do something about, and they are able to do that. Because when the concert posters are shown after the events are over, the advertising value disappears and only the art remains. It is good curation to enable art in this way.» – Aftenposten 17th March


By initiating Oslo Poster Fest, we wanted to connect different art industries and cultural actors in Oslo and to enhance the visual design element at by:Larm
Popsenteret showed concert posters from Oslo from the last 50 years in addition to a photo art project called «The war of poster walls». 
Iwa Reiersen from Grafill was the curator of the exhibition and picked the designers.  
Her goal was to showcase the artists that visualize music and to look at what synergies that happen when music and visual art meet: «The visuas can lift the music and function as a reference and a marker for the music you relate to. I wanted to show the variety of designers in Oslo and bring in both conceptual design like Levi Bergqvist’s work and Sunniva Krogseth’s work which is mainly illustration. Finally I wanted to look at posters in a historical context because of the short life of posters.
The designers were: 
Bendik Kaltenborn
Are Kleivan
Sunniva Sunde Krogseth
Martin Kvamme (also made the Oslo Poster Fest-poster)
Robin Snasen Rengård
Levi Bergqvist
Lara Bujanda
As part of the exhibition, Popsenteret projected and showed concert posters from Oslo from the last 50 years, and a photo art project called «The war of poster walls» curated by artistic director at Popsenteret, Paal Ritter Schjerven.


Feedback from attendees at the opening:
Did you have a good experience? 93,8% Yes
Would you recommend Oslo Poster Fest to others? 87,5% Yes
Would you come back? 81,2% Yes
Oslo Poster Fest is a cooperation between by:Larm (arena), Grafill (curator), Popsenteret (historical content) and The Big O/ Oslo Business Region (project manager).


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