Oslo Meets Hackney 2019: City Challenges, City Solutions

Oslo Meets Hackney is an annual event since 2013 and is organized in connection with the lightning of the Oslo Christmas tree at Trafalgar Square in early December. The event is a platform to enhance the commercial ties between Oslo and London, based on common interests and the sharing of knowledge within the tech and creative industries sector. The event is organized by Oslo Business Region and industry partners and organizations from London and Oslo.

This year a new conference “City Challenges, City Solutions” was established. Parallel to Oslo European Green Capital 2019 the conference explored how cities and businesses are changing the way they operate in order to transition to, and make the most of, the green economy. The program of the day focused on how to strengthen sustainable economic development and business opportunities.


Opening remarks were given by Philip Glanville, mayor of Hackney and the Governing Mayor of Oslo, Raymond Johansen. Raymond Johansen emphasized that the only way to solve the most pressing problem of our time, climate change, city officials need to be able to work better with businesses on all levels to create change. Hege Sagplass and Lars Espen Veder held the keynote address, representing Elskedeby, a new company in Oslo that is setting targets to have emission  free transport of the distribution of packages. 


Next were lightning talks by Trine Tolfsby (Empower) and Mali Skogen IKT-Norge. The project manager for Oslo European Green Capital, Anita Trosdahl, then took the stage to present the Business Program the city has funded in order to help Oslo meet its Climate Budget. Councillor Guy Nicholson also spoke about the International Partnership Program of Hackney and its value in helping create a green economy. 


The panel was moderated by Councillor Jon Burke and included Hege Sagplass (Elskedeby) Raymond Johansen (City of Oslo), and Phil Ellis (Beryl). The main questions addressed:

  • What lessons did you learn from your major transport schemes, such as your traffic free town centre and toll roads?
  • How has being European Green Capital helped with this transformation?
  • What are the other highlights of European Green Capital?

Following the program, lunch was served before a workshop was hosted to challenge city officials from Oslo and Hackney on how to leverage the learnings from the presentation. The goal was to be able to apply the knowledge shared by all speakers and adapt best practices for businesses and government alike.


Building a shared vision of the future through deep, sustained interaction between cities and businesses is key in creating positive change and combating global solutions. Oslo Meets Hackney is a prime example of community building at its best. 


On behalf of the City of Oslo, the event was organized by Oslo Business Region in collaboration with the Norwegian Embassy in London, Borough of Hackney, and companies and organizations from London and Oslo. 


100% gained new ideas

60% met useful contacts

4.8 out of 5 score of the event


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Posted on: December 13. 2019