Oslo Innovation Week 2019


Oslo Innovation Week sets the agenda for business solutions to the UN´s Sustainable Development Goals. We believe in not only talking about change, but actually change the world we live in. We bring together technology experts, startups, corporates, creatives and investors from around the globe, and challenge you to solve problems, collaborate and drive sustainable change.

We believe that the solutions are out there. We just need to find them. That’s why Oslo Innovation Week 2019 is all about EXPLORERS – the people who dare to take the path less traveled to find solutions that will help build a better world.

Oslo Innovation Week 2019 highlights solutions that solve real global challenges through entrepreneurship, technology and innovation to push the world forward towards sustainable change. Equality is a no-brainer, and all our events will strive for diversity and inclusion.

It’s a dugnad. We – attendees, keynotes, partners, event organizers – create Oslo Innovation Week together.

Through international collaboration we voice bold solutions that will bring the world forward.  Our future relies on the bridging of differences, powercouples – interdisciplinary collaboration, innovation in action, and each of us stepping up together to find solutions now!

Last year we had 140+ organizers collaborating on 56 events entered in the heart of Oslo. 13 000 innovative minds got to experience the expertise of 300+ speakers and this year we want to make it even better. In order to do that, we need YOU!

Are you ready?

Yes, I would like to get involved!

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Posted on: February 26. 2019
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