Oslo Innovation Award – could you, or someone you know, be a worthy candidate?

Oslo Innovation Award was founded in 2008, and will be presented for the fifth time during Oslo Innovation Week 2012.
The award ceremony will take place on Thursday 18th of October in Oslo City Hall, in co-operation with the City of Oslo, Akershus County Council, Innovation Norway Oslo and Akershus, and NHO Oslo and Akershus.
The vision behind the Oslo Innovation Award is to stimulate the working process of building the Oslo region’s position as a leading innovative region I Europe..
The prize is presented to a person, organization or a company that has fulfilled the following criteria:
1. Visualized the international competitiveness of the Oslo region’s innovative environment.
2. Created new knowledge-based businesses or jobs with great international potential.
3. Developed new technology, science-based knowledge or unique business models that have stimulated the international competiveness of the Oslo region’s innovative environment.
The winner will be chosen by an independent jury.
Last year´s winner was Eirik Næss-Ulseth. He has assisted in developing several successful companies, such as PubGene Inc, Biomolex, SpermaTech, RheumaTech, Ideas, IPnett, GetMedic og senest Novelda.
For submission in Norwegian, please follow this link: http://www.oiw.no/oslo-innovation-week-2012/om-oslo-innovation-award
Submissions in English can be made to info@oslo.teknopol.no. Please fill in all three above criteria.

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Posted on: July 3. 2012