Plastic Challenge handover to Plastic Manifesto

Over the course of 2019, Oslo Business Region partnered with the City of Oslo through the Agency for Urban Development and all companies that signed to take on the plastic challenge were invited to sign the city of Oslo’s Plastic Manifesto.

In line with international efforts, such as the UN Clean Seas program, the EU Plastic directive, and Oslo’s Action Plan, Oslo wants to ensure that the private sector in Oslo are able to contribute with solutions and encourage the private sector to join Oslo’s efforts to take conscious and more environmentally sound measures in one’s own company and industry to ensure that we hinder marine pollution and the unnecessary use of plastic.

Oslo has developed a plastic manifesto for the private sector in Oslo to ensure a joint effort. If companies commit to the manifesto, the City of Oslo (in partnership with others) want to ensure that the companies have the tools and the arena they need to be able to achieve the changes we want to see in Oslo. Oslo’s plastic coordinator, Anja Stokkan, is leading the project and working to engage actors from the public and private sector in the measures needed to tackle the issues at hand.

Oslo Business Region introduced the project to the companies who signed up for the Plastic Challenge during the Oslo European Green Capital program, especially at “A Plastic Promise – what role can the private sector play” session during Oslo Innovation Week 2019.  Being a signatory of the Manifesto means the companies will be given tools that will support the leaders and the companies in finding a solution to the challenge.

The Plastic Manifesto already have 18 companies signed up, including the Oslo Chamber of Commerce which represents 2.000 private corporate members in the city. This means that the project is able to have high reach among stores and companies in Oslo. The upcoming activities is to invite relevant partners, including Passion for Ocean and WWF, to be part of the platform and support the business to achieve the goals, by identifying what their needs are to move ahead.


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Posted on: February 20. 2020
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