What can businesses do for a greener Oslo?

Oslo was awarded the European Green Capital (EGC) title for 2019 by the European Commission and OBR is responsible for mobilizing the business communities to achieve Oslo’s ambition to spearhead climate initiatives. Throughout this year, we are hosting activities connected to events such as Nor-Shipping and Oslo Innovation Week, to motivate local businesses to commit to the CO2 reductions and strengthen the capital´s role as a testbed for greener cities worldwide.

With that framework in mind, OBR has created 4 industry challenges. Businesses can either choose as many as they can engage with or invite other business partners and competitors to do the same:

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IKEA takes on a challenge

IKEA, the world’s biggest furniture retailer, has already committed to the first challenge with plans on achieving zero emissions home deliveries by 2025. According to the IKEA Sustainability Manager, Anders Lennartsson, the company is in 2019 planning to take the first steps in the transition towards zero emission deliveries in Oslo.

“There are many reasons to go in this direction. First of all it goes well in line with our vision, values and our goal of becoming people and planet positive. By moving to zero emission transport we will contribute to our goal of becoming climate positive and reduce local pollution. Secondly we need to secure access to our customers in the city. With ever higher costs to enter the city centre and restrictions for diesel vehicles, it simply makes good business sense to go emission free.

– Anders Lennartsson

Reducing the greenhouse gas emissions from the IKEA value chain is a target. The scope includes the entire value chain from raw material and products, production and transport, to retail operations and customers.. By 2020, for example, single-use plastic products will be phased out completely from all their stores worldwide. This includes straws, plates, freezer bags, and more.

Other companies that have joined the movement include Aspelinn Ramm who is committed to the second challenge, and Construction City who, like IKEA, is committed to the first.

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Posted on: February 8. 2019
European Green Capital 2019