Micromobility: The Key in Merging Sustainble Solutions with Urban Design

Forces like global urbanization, the growth of electric vehicle infrastructure and shared mobility services — ridesharing, carsharing, bikesharing, etc. — are dramatically changing the sustainable transportation landscape. This past month the Oslo European Green Capital Business Program has been focused on the topic of mobility. As the month draws near, we’d like to highlight one Oslo based mobility solution that helps support Oslo’s Climate Budget: Urban Sharing

Urban Sharing is  a technology startup behind a platform which powers shared micromobility system. Their model is optimized for efficiency and easily scalable to meet our city’s needs as we grow and evolve. 

Earlier this year, Urban Sharing launched Fornebu Scooters to better understand how to overcome the challenges which can frustrate electric scooter-sharing schemes, cities, and the people who live in them. Recent developments have highlighted the need to find solutions that allow for a safe and organized approach to scooter-sharing. There’s a lot to learn and improve. Through a “learn quickly, fail fast” mindset, Urban Sharing’s hope is to help create a long-lasting, sustainable solution for scooters in the micromobility world.

“Urban Sharing’s strengths lie in powering thoughtful, data-driven micromobility schemes. We hope the next few months will provide a significant amount of fruitful data that will inform our approach to scooters for years to come,” says Heidi Aars, project manager for the Fornebu scooter project. 

Making e-scooters available in suburban cities holds promising opportunities for all stakeholders — city governments, residents, and companies alike. Moreover, micromobility startups can assist cities with an urgent, long-standing problem — addressing the impacts of pollution and climate change. While working towards meeting Oslo’s Climate Budget, it is startups like Urban Sharing who are key in merging sustainable solutions with urban design. 

Many thanks to Jarrod Chapowski of Urban Sharing for contributing.

For the full article on Urban Sharing’s pilot program click here.


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Posted on: August 28. 2019
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