Life in Oslo

Public Transport

Oslo is a compact city with everything in the city itself is within short distances. It is easy to move around by public transport and you can access rentable city bikes all over the city centre. Metro system and local trains, trams, buses and ferries serve the city and suburbs.

Metro, ferries, buses and trams

City Bikes

Local trains


Norway is a modern welfare society with a highly developed public health care sector, providing care for all legal citizens. Safety for all!

Safe and peaceful

The Norwegian capital is indeed safe and stable. According to the Global Peace Index Norway is among the world’s most peaceful countries and a friendly and safe place to live. And, we also have the honor of presenting the Nobel Peace Price at Oslo City Hall every December.


Norway is a well-functioning and transparent democratic society, with Oslo as the political centre. The current Government is made up of a coalition of Conservatives and the Progress Party.



Let´s face it, not many move to Oslo because of the weather! It’s not Ibiza. Having said that, four seasons is also a good thing, putting a smile on people´s faces when a new season comes around – like the arrival of spring, with the city in blossoms, after a long winter, it’s an experience hard to outdo.

Weather Forecast


Located at the head of the Oslo fjord, Oslo is surrounded by hills, forests and islands. Oslo has the biggest biodiversity in Norway, with a large number of registered and threatened species.


Oslo is packed with cultural offerings in music, cuisine, architecture, design and art. With over 5,000 live gigs a year in Oslo, there’s more live music here than anywhere else in Scandinavia. The city has got the most interesting art scene in the Nordics, according to leading art fanzines, and the most vital city development with an architectural bloom fronted by Oslo’s Snøhetta.

Open and Tolerant

Oslo is a multicultural region with a large international community – 20 % of the population is of non-Norwegian origin. Gay marriage and adoption is legal, and gay rights are protected by law.