Why invest in Oslo

Damian Heinisch

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Fastest growing capital in Europe

Oslo is the fastest growing capital in Europe, and innovation is our new oil (and NASA will use Norwegian oil drilling technology to search for life on Mars). Norway is part of the European Economic Area (EEA) agreement between the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) and the European Union (EU).

Strong tech heritage

Norway’s tech scene may spend less time in the limelight than some of its Nordic cousins, but that is changing fast. We have a strong tech heritage and a long list of high-profile exits to its name from the likes of Playfish (bought by EA), Kelkoo (bought by Yahoo!) and Siri (part of Apple). Jay Z’s recent acquisition of Oslo-based music streaming firm Aspiro also thrust Norway in the global spotlight.

World-leading clusters in high technology industries

Lack of hierarchies fosters creativity and collaboration, and we have world-leading clusters in high technology industries. Advanced technology and expertise are found within fields such as finance, shipping and maritime services, information and communication technologies, energy and environmental technologies, life sciences and culture industries.

We are early adapters of new technology, and test market for leading providers of ecommerce like IBM and Visa. The population of Oslo is young (age group 25-35 will increase by 40% next 10 years), talented and highly educated.

Here are some of the recent startups with a fast-growing global footprint to watch out for:

Xeneta. Kahoot. Unacast. Dirtybit. Zwipe. SuperPlusGames. Feat.fm. Recho. Forgerock. Elliptic Labs.

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