Green Stories: The force of Camilla Gramstad

During the month of August, the Oslo European Green Capital Business Program is focusing on the topic of mobility. One of our Oslo European Green Capital Ambassadors, Camilla Gramstad, is a perfect example of how to make change within this sector. As Head of Sustainability at Virke, Camilla has committed to the transportation challenge in an effort to help meet Oslo’s Climate Budget.

She works closely with Virke’s 21 000 members in the trade and service sector. These sectors are crucial in reaching a sustainable and climate neutral future, as they are consumer-facing roles. For Camilla, climate change and sustainability does not concern only the oil, gas and industry sector. She believes that small and medium sized companies, such as Virke, affect millions by the choices they make every day and are just as important as large-scale companies.

“Oslo must be a showcase for sustainable business, and prove that green businesses can thrive!” – Camilla Bramstad

In her current position, Camilla promotes sustainable business practices amongst the trade and service sector. Raising awareness, encouragement and giving sufficient insight is crucial in changing individual and collective behavior. By showing that positive impact is possible and that there are a wide-range of tools available, such as Eco – lighthouse (Miljøfyrtårn), Camilla brings forth an important message, “We can all make a difference. And it is good for business!”

Her mission, however, is not without its obstacles. It’s common to hear from some sectors and companies that climate change is a worry for the future versus an immediate concern. Bridging the gap of knowledge about how carbon emissions have contributed to global challenges across all industries is paramount in thwarting climate change.

Taking personal responsibility is also a part of the “bigger picture.” For her part, Camilla prefers to go with sustainable products. This year she is also exploring the option of leasing or renting items instead of buying them in an effort to support a circular economy. She draws her inspiration from Dame Ellen McArthur, “What a force one woman can be!” 

We believe the same can be said about Oslo European Green Capital Ambassador, Camilla Gramstad.

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Posted on: August 13. 2019
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