Green Stories: Sandra Ness

Sandra Ness, founder of Turnss,no and Impact Manager for Arctic Whale, is inspired by both nature and adventure. These passions fuel her ability to deliver research-driven storytelling in her roles. Ultimately, she aims to inspire businesses and organizations to take the lead in creating a better, smarter, and more sustainable world by challenging their purpose, outside of profit margins alone.

For Ness, making Oslo more environmentally sustainable is all about setting an example to to rest of the world. The choice to implement sustainability into business models is “simple,”  however, she sees the way citizens consume coupled with the inability to change the way in which businesses operate on a daily basis as key obstacles for the city.

Like many, Ness is inspired by young climate advocates like Greta Thunberg. “She has moved me with her clear vision of changing the way we think and live to create a better world,” she explained. For her part, Ness wants to leverage the project Arctic Whale, co-founded with Andreas B. Heide, to highlight the threat of plastic pollution and how human impact can devastate the health of our oceans. By using whales as the focal points in showcasing just how both of these are detrimental to ocean life, she hopes that this awareness project is a gateway to incentivizing positive action towards combat climate change.

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Posted on: August 5. 2019
European Green Capital 2019, News