Green Stories: Nassima Dzair (InterBridge)

Nassima Dzair is the founder and CEO of InterBridge, a social startup that educates youth about becoming agents of impact. She is a social innovator and is passionate about working for positive social impact and sustainable solutions. Nassima is dedicated to enabling and empowering youth to be prepared for the future by giving them the tools they need to implement positive change.

Her background is unique as it combines both health and peace. Her studies included global health, development, security, international conflict and human rights. She has extensive experience as a speaker, trainer, consultant, and has served in leadership positions in various international organizations.

What motivates you to engage in making Oslo more environmentally sustainable?

As a proud Oslo girl, I am motivated by the city itself. Its prosperity and elevating its role in the world is my goal. Oslo is a wonderful city surrounded by nature. The elements of the sea, the forests and the mountains are part of our everyday life. This proximity and interaction inspires taking care of our environment. Oslo is also a hub, gaining more attention internationally, and being named European Green Capital is a wonderful opportunity to bring some of the OSLO spirit to the world. I am committed to doing so!

How are you contributing to making Oslo a greener city?

InterBridge is a unique educational experience for youth in Norway. We focus on inclusion and sustainability, and developing the necessary skills in youth so they can succeed in the future on both a personal level and as an active citizen.

Our goal is to prepare the next generation to stand at the forefront and form the future by developing their ability to solve the biggest challenges of our time. We have initiated a video campaign on the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals to create awareness and inspire action. We are delivering the insights and wishes of the youth to politicians and to the private sector.

Personally, I have been a pescatarian for almost 10 years, and this year I am having a majority of vegetarian and vegan meals. I am already a conscious citizen doing my part, so I wish to contribute to push corporations to do their part in a much bigger scale to meet the climate goals of 2019.

What obstacles do you face while working for a greener Oslo?

As a young startup: funding. This is key in being able to scale.

Name a role model that inspires you, locally and globally:

Gunhild Stordalen and Michelle Obama.

About Green Stories: Oslo Business Region is leading the business program during Oslo European Green Capital (EGC). The European Commission awarded Oslo the prestigious European Green Capital title for 2019. Being the European Green Capital in 2019 is a great recognition and an opportunity to showcase Oslo as a truly Green City linked to innovation, both in the international context and to Oslo’s population.  In 2019 we will invite the world to Oslo – to share and to learn. Read more about EGC here and about the Industry Challenges here.

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Posted on: May 22. 2019
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