Green Stories: Christina Bu of the Norwegian EV Association

She has been the Head of “Norsk elbilforening” (the Norwegian EV Association), for five years and is passionate about reducing the carbon footprint within the transportation industry. Earlier, Christina worked as a political adviser within mobility and environmental issues. 

The Norwegian EV Association is an NGO and consumer organization that has been fast growing and now has 35 employees and over 75.000 members – EV owners from all over the country. This makes it the worlds’ largest EV owner organization. The organization plays an important role both nationally and internationally when it comes to promoting the shift to electric mobility, and work in collaboration with governmental bodies, industry and other organizations.

Christina has a BA in political science from the University of Oslo and Pontifical Catholic University of Chile and a MA in Society, Science and Technology Studies from the University of Oslo and Maastricht University, as well as management studies from BI Norwegian Business School.

As an expert on electric mobility, Christina is frequently meeting with OEMs and advising politicians and governmental bodies from different countries. She has been a keynote speaker at conferences across the globe. With an EV market share close to 50 %, Norway is leading the way and she is at the forefront of this development. 


What motivates you to engage in making Oslo more environmentally sustainable?

Experiencing how success on a local level has such a great impact globally gives me great motivation. Oslo and Norway show the whole world that fully electric cars can replace petrol and diesel cars and become an important contribution to combat CO2 emissions, as well as relieving local air from other harmful gases caused by burning fossil fuels. Oslo is leading by example and inspires change around the world as visitors and others learning about our achievements start asking themselves “if they can do it, why shouldn’t we try too?”.


How are you contributing to making Oslo a greener city?

Our most important task at The Norwegian EV Association is to push for a shift to electric mobility as fast as possible. By helping our members, pushing industry and politicians and constantly searching for solutions in dialogue with key actors, I believe we can take some of the honour for the achievements we have seen. 65 percent of those buying a new car in Oslo Q1 chose and all-electric one, that is mind-blowing even for me.


What obstacles do you face while working for a greener Oslo?

The biggest obstacle in a city like Oslo when it comes to switching all our cars to electric is the availability of chargers. With many people living in apartment buildings, either sharing a parking garage with their neighbours or parking on the street becomes a challenge.


What are your personal climate goals for 2019?

We don’t have much time when it comes to reducing CO2-emissions. Therefore, new vehicles sold should be able to run on renewables, and the faster we get, the higher market shares, the better. I am hoping we will pass a 50 percent market share nationally this year, for the first time. 


Name a role model that inspires you, locally and globally:

Miriam Dalli, a Member of EU Parliament, Group of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament.


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Posted on: August 26. 2019
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