Green Stories: Charlotte Aschim (TotalCtrl)

Charlotte Aschim is the CEO & Founder of TotalCtrl, a top global digital retail innovation company that helps grocery retailers optimize their operations, cut costs and reduce food waste.

Since late 2017, Charlotte has managed to get TotalCtrl top rankings alongside Amazon and Walmart as one of Europe’s most inspiring food waste changemakers. Her contributions to addressing this issue coupled with being the first  Norwegian Food Mentor resulted in a personal invitation from the Crown Prince of Norway, praising her achievements.

What motivates you to engage in making Oslo more environmentally sustainable?
There’s a huge potential to make a difference here and at TotalCtrl we are working towards the sustainable development goals (#3 & #12). I think I can help!

How are you contributing to making Oslo a greener city?
By preventing and reducing food waste through the use of technology.

What obstacles do you face while working for a greener Oslo?
Time! (Lack of it!)

What are your personal climate goals for 2019?
To reduce even more food waste and eat less meat.

Name a role model that inspires you:
Bill Nye

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Posted on: April 15. 2019
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