Green Stories: Benedicte Økland of Construction City

Benedicte Økland is an Oslo European Green Capital Ambassador inspired by action, not words. As CEO of Construction City, she is at the heart of opportunity for creating new sustainable measures in both the real estate and construction industries. Construction City is one of the 20+ companies to take on an Oslo European Green Capital Challenge, accelerating Oslo’s Climate Budget; their focus is to adapt emission free commercial transportation within their company. 

She points out that in the construction business, the obstacles of going emission free are an ongoing battle. The industry supply chain is littered with daily challenges to overcome, and it will take a united effort across the construction industry to squash these challenges – one at a time. 

Personally, she has also altered her lifestyle to be more “eco-conscious.” Both her professional and private worlds collide as she makes daily changes to lessen her carbon footprint. Additionally, she has also been taking new measures to phase out plastic use.  

For Benedicte, her drive to push forward Oslo’s Climate Budget is rooted in her desire that her children not have to grow up in fear when it comes to climate change, scarce resources or pollution destroying the ecosystem. “I want my children to feel they have the same trust in the future I did,” she explains.


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Posted on: September 11. 2019
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