Oslo EGC Business Program

Oslo European Green Capital 2019

Oslo is European Green Capital 2019! Oslo is the first capital to set forth a Climate Budget and the home of Scandi cool has shifted from oil to smart tech and continues to make strides on a global platform by leading with green. Green capital challenges are now being addressed on a monthly basis. These are challenges for Oslo’s leaders, residents, companies and institutions to motivate everyone participating to do something to create meaningful change. Every month, citizens of Oslo have the opportunity to take on a special theme such as waste reduction, tackling climate change or diving into ocean impact. During our tenure as the European Green Capital, we want to “lead with green” across industries, from shipping to culture.

Business Program powered by Oslo Business Region 

Oslo Business Region is leading an exclusive business program during Oslo European Green Capital (EGC). The European Commission awarded Oslo the prestigious European Green Capital title for 2019. This is a great recognition and an opportunity to showcase Oslo as a true Green City linked to innovation, both in an international and local context.

In 2019, we invite the world to Oslo – to share and to learn. We are inviting local business players to help with collaboration & commitments to help support meeting Oslo’s Climate Budget and optimize resources, by engaging with power coupling and a dugnad theme, focusing on technology, finance and diversity as enablers and integrating it into the public sector (RND and education). The main objectives of this project are to mobilize the business community’s involvement in spearheading climate initiatives and to strengthen the capital’s role as a testbed for clean and inclusive societies worldwide. 

Industry Challenges

We have created 4 industry challenges targeting the business sector of Oslo. Businesses can either choose as many as they can take on or invite other business partners and competitors to take on a challenge. 


Any person within the private or public sector with a strong success story and committed to helping meet the Oslo Climate Budget can become an Oslo European Green Capital Ambassador. This role primarily exists to promote visibility and the shared values of Oslo’s leaders, placing an emphasis on the city’s forward-thinking sustainable solutions.

Mentoring Program

The Business Program launched a tool to facilitate sharing knowledge and experiences through cross-industrial mentoring. The mentors are experienced leaders or experts from established companies and entrepreneurs within private and public companies thematically focused on sustainable business solutions and the digital shift. The mentees are professionals who are willing to learn and want to commit to the same agenda. Both mentors and mentees can join the program by signing up via the app (Sprinter Wing). The list of mentors confirmed includes Per Elvestuen (Oslo Freedom Forum), Niels Astrup (Clean Sea Solutions), Cathrine Barth (Circular Norway), Dimitris Polychronopolous (Founders Institute), Anja Stokkan (Bymiljøetaten), Chris Hovde (Telia), and Mathis Grimstad (Stor-Oslo Eiendom). 

Broad participation and involvement

Oslo Business Region encourages the business sector to participate as much as possible. We have developed a toolbox that can be adapted across industries. The toolbox will be presented at some of Oslo’s international business conferences throughout 2019. Businesses can also sponsor or host a power-couple series, finance roundtable series or a circular roundtable. Alternatively, businesses can join the program by sending a speaker, a panelist or a participant to any of our events. Check the calendar here.

Any questions? Send an email to marianna@obr.no