Business for Climate

Through the network Business for Climate, 47 businesses have committed to cooperate with the City of Oslo to reach the ambitious goals of becoming a world-leading city on environmental and climate initiatives. Innovation is crucial here, and this initiative is a step in the right direction.
Partners in the network include businesses both large and small, representing all types of industries. In total in the Oslo region, the Business for Climate partners represents almost 25.000 employees. 42 per cent of the companies have more than 500 employees, 22 per cent are international businesses with over 5000 employees globally, and 11 per cent are smaller startup companies.
The transport and construction sectors typically represent activities that are causing damage to the environment, which makes it important and good that many of the big businesses here, like NCC and Asplan Viak and the Port of Oslo, Herz and Posten, are partners in Business for Climate. Finance institutions like DNB and Storebrand, educational institutions like the University of Oslo, ICT giants IBM and Telenor, and global actors Siemens and Accenture are all in, alongside branch organisations like OREEC and smaller startups like Greenteam and Ecocube.
The partners are taking a proactive role and are committed by their signatures to coming up with new ideas on how their businesses can make a significant contribution to improving the climate and environment. Separately from the official ambitions for Oslo, the companies set their own targets, and meet on a regular basis to exchange experience, work together and learn from each other.
Business for Climate was launched by the Governing Mayor of Oslo, Stian Berger Røsland, in 2010, and is coordinated by the City of Oslo’s Agency for City Environment.

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Posted on: August 13. 2014