ASKO takes on an Oslo European Green Capital Industry Challenge

ASKO Norge AS, Norway’s largest wholesale company, has taken on an Oslo European Green Capital Industry Challenge. ASKO has signed up for challenge number one: actively request and work for emission free transportation of goods and services.  The Industry Challenges are part of the Oslo European Green Capital Business Program, facilitated by Oslo Business Region. The Industry Challenges were created to help support Oslo’s Climate Budget, highlighting green solutions and opportunities within the business sector of Oslo. 

Norway’s largest wholesale company has a history of implementing green initiatives.  Torbjørn Johannson, Chairman of the Board links ASKO’s commitment to a sustainable business model to the company’s ability to attract younger employees. “We experience that more people, especially from younger generations, are eager to contribute to the sustainability agenda. They want to work for businesses that allow them to do this.” 

“I believe that this sustainable mentality is necessary in any company in order to stay competitive. Having employees dedicated to creating a sustainable future is, and will continue to be an advantage. In the end it is the people that will create the changes needed, both within companies and for society at large. A company that is to survive this transition needs the best people.” – Torbjørn Johannson, Chairman of the Board at ASKO Norge AS

ASKO is spearheading the green transition in the transportation sector. Today the company’s trucks are fueled by 100 % biofuels in the summer, and a mix of bio and regular in the winter – in order to be able to handle the low Nordic temperatures. 

The goal is for the entire fleet to be 100% electrical and hydrogen-fuelled by 2026. ASKO already has one electrical truck and has ordered another ten. The company also hopes to invest in  four hydrogen-powered trucks – for which they have built a hydrogen production site in Trondheim. 

Their most recent endeavour is the development of two self-driving, fully electrical row-row ferries that will run across the Oslo Fjord in 2024. If successful, these ferries will help reduce an estimated 5000 tons of CO2 and cut back 2 million kilometers worth of driving for  their truck fleet. Enova, the public organization managing the Norwegian Energy Fund, has backed the project with 119 million kroner.

 The Oslo European Green Capital Business Program, powered by Oslo Business Region, is still seeking bold companies to join the business program and commit to an Industry Challenge. Is this something for your company? Learn more here.

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Posted on: September 2. 2019
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