About Oslo Business Region

Oslo is the key to a more robust, diversified and sustainable future economy for Norway. We don´t know yet what kind of industries that will define us – but we do know that innovation and entrepreneurship is the answer. With the rapid resurgence of incubators, accelerator programs, funding mechanisms, education programs, and not at least local successful startup role models growing internationally – Oslo has become an internationally leading startup hub.

Oslo Business Region’s ambition is to be a driving force for this development, and we are constantly working to raise the number of startups with international potential. To make this happen, we have four focus areas:

Scaleup your company

Oslo Business Region supports and enables startups and entrepreneurs to successfully grow their businesses.

In collaboration with the Oslo startup eco system, we develop and facilitate events, networks and tools to lower the barriers for growing, and to position the city of Oslo as an internationally preferred hub for startups and entrepreneurs.

Anybody can join our Oslo ScaleUp Days, to be inspired, to share knowledge, to network, to speed date and to workshop. Last year, 800 entrepreneurs attended, and the number is growing. Admission is free, and you are welcome!

We also host pitching contests and events for startups (check our calendar), and you can take a look at practical tools for starting a business here. If you want an overview of the Oslo startup scene – here is the map.

International profiling

The City of Oslo is one of the most unknown cities in the world, and the global competition between cities for talent, investors, students, startups and travellers is intense.

Oslo Business Region works to promote Oslo internationally through:

  • Presenting the Oslo business and startup scene at important international arenas such as SXSW Austin and SLUSH Helsinki.
  • Inviting the world to Oslo Innovation Week
  • Supporting the city of Oslo’s collaborative work with cities like Shanghai and Hackney, London.


Regional development

Collaboration is central in developing the Oslo region into an internationally competitive, knowledge-based region and a startup hub. Oslo Business Region cooperates with companies, knowledge institutions and other development agencies in the region to highlight leading R&D and business sectors.

Statistics and analysis

Oslo Business Region monitor and analyse international rankings, indexes and benchmarks to keep an overview of Oslo’s performance in business, innovation and entrepreneurship, and to identify strengths and challenges.

Since 2015, Oslo Business Region has published the report Oslo State of the City.


We are the project leader of Oslo Innovation Week and Oslo European Green Capital Business Program.


Oslo Business Region is a limited company fully owned by the city of Oslo, Department of Business Development and Public Ownership. Each year Oslo Business Region recieves a basic funding to cover its operational tasks, and matches these through external cooperation in all activities.