A mentoring duo united by impact

Remy Dutour found out about our Oslo European Green Capital Mentoring Program via e-mail. Luis Paulsen can’t remember how he heard about it but signed up with the app. They’ve now been a mentoring couple since March, agreeing to meet face-to-face at least two hours every month and keep in touch digitally. “Mentoring is always about how much time can be allocated and what the mentor is able to commit to,” Dutour explained during Oslo ScaleUp Day: ReThinking Green Investments.

Dutour needed someone with specific experience in the impact investment field. For him, having a mentor to hold him accountable, challenge his ideas, and provide a more general direction of how to navigate the ins and outs of this sector is what he finds valuable. For Paulsen, his drive is clear: helping impact initiatives succeed. His approach is to contribute to bridging NGO’s, scientists, and politics- rooted in the notion that businesses should take the lead. Paulsen has already built mature companies that are aligned with the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals, Summa Equity actually acquired one of them; thus an advisory role within the Oslo community was a natural step.

Their passion for impact is what unites them yet they share the common challenges facing impact investing. A main challenge is the lack of gender diversity. Since his foray to impact, Dutour has been adamant about changing the landscape of impact so that more women investors get on board. Paulsen has been guiding him on this initiative, to not make the sphere not only more appealing but more accessible to female investors. This “pitch” is one of the clear KPI’s the two have set for their time together in 2019.

Together, the two have a combined “weakness” for helping society work in the right direction. When coupled together, however, it becomes a strength. “The EGC Mentoring Program is great because it enables you to connect with changemakers across industries and not only give feedback but receive it as well,” said Paulsen enthusiastically. We can’t wait for another update on this pair as the second half of Oslo European Green Capital hits the horizon.

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Posted on: June 12. 2019
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